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Tanggam : A Heritage

Tanggam : A Heritage

The adjoining method is a technique of joining the wood which has been practiced by the Malays especially in the construction of houses, palaces and royal residences. In the Malay heritage architecture, the joist method combines every single part of the building to form a solid frame of bonds. This strength depends on the quality of the connecting method. A unique feature in the traditional emblem system is the existence of locking elements as a whole building reinforcement. A “Caller” or “set pin” is attached to the last component of a connection form that acts as a lock. Well-designed tamper connections can be installed or removed individually for customisation purposes and can be re-installed. It can be disassembled in sequence and on certain connections, it is easily unlocked and separated. This allows for connecting, overhauling, renovation, expansion, separation to demolition and reconstruction done without damaging the wood parts. The technique in this technique makes it one of the best Malay heritage, in its category.

If you create and make wood-based products, then there is definitely a need to know on these types of joineries. The braces are used to make wood to wood connections. With these “Tanggam” methods, the joints and structure of your wood-based products will be stronger.

At Flatpak, we aim to utilise this heritage concept to design modern, sustainable furniture for the future.

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