The Flatpak Story

The Flatpak Story

Flatpak, is a series of self assemble furniture that’s locally designed and digitally fabricated inspired by the Malay traditional Tanggam craftsmanship. Our goal is to make our furniture as a means of sharpening the thinking of design and motor skills, and as a method of problem solving, giving the priority to end users experience. Aspired by the apartment packed housing job by Wikihouse, which also still in research phase. The concept of a digital manufacturing and joining/slotting system attracted us to the idea of our forgotten Tanggam craftsmanship. We started off with a small scale projects; furniture. Upon the return of Tarmizi and Nabihah to Malaysia from the UK, they pioneered design works and produced a number of prototypes so as to participate an artisan marketplace, NEUE Artisan 4.0 in 2016.

As our business is centered around digital fabrication; which demands a rather large capital investment, we participated in the SUPERB Start Up competition which was held by Teraju to acquire a grant of RM500,000.00. After countless brainstorming, training and coaching, we emerged as the winners of the competition, out running 800 other participants and 20 very tough finalists. This, was when Flatpak was officially born.

Architects are masters at translating ideas and concept into something tangible by curating the interface, combined with our expertise in the space program. The same principle not only applies to buildings, but additionally extended to furniture design. We believe that furniture design is a manifestation of architecture in miniature, which brings us faster interpretation of ideas in real object, as in comparison to architectural buildings. Consequently, furniture design is a medium to showcase the correct balance of design and practicality to an object that brings comfort and intimate relationship with the human body. Furniture is also a little piece of art that reflects the socio culture.

Enter Tanggam; a technology of joining timber which is applied in the construction of traditional Malaysian buildings. It works by connecting two little components of a building and combining it, as a whole, to form the main structure of the building. Combining modern aesthetics with a traditional method, only brings us closer to understanding our own culture and heritage.

We believe it’s time to develop a brand new way of designing furniture by incorporating digital fabrication technology with the intricacy of traditional craftsmanship. Flatpak intends to design and produce self assembly furniture which comes in handy flat packaging.This incites an experience which indirectly sharpens their tectonic thinking; which is the ability to perceive and interpret different layers of information. Hence why every design is thought to be the language spoken or medium of dialogue between the designer and the user.

Staying true to the “less is more” principal, our products are easy to use, mobilize and long lasting. With fewer components to every product, it’s a whole much easier to assemble without the requirement of screws, nails, along with other tools. Flatpak furniture can be put together in less time than it takes to boil water.

Flatpak makes even the assembly process as a joyful experience, which garner engagement, quite like solving a puzzle. It does not only help to sharpen adult motor skills, but also good for growing kids to intrigue their building skills. Our no-fuss assembly system that can be repeated many times without damage to the product.

Our minimalistic contemporary design style, compliments the practicality of an ever changing urban lifestyle.